Brick Pits

Immerse yourself in our BRICK pits and let your inner master LEGO builder come out!

BRICKLIVE is a fantastic opportunity for LEGO fans of all ages to get creative in a pit full of LEGO! There are over 3 MILLION bricks in the BRICK pits where free building is encouraged and some fantastic creations made by visitors, fans and professional builders!

We even have Duplo and a soft BRICK pit so even the youngest LEGO fans can get involved and enjoy the most popular toy in the world!

Forget age and skill – let your imagination run wild and build a fantastic new LEGO creation while meeting other LEGO fans. There’s no queuing or restriction on time; spend 20 minutes or two hours enjoying yourself as you build.

Just pick a pit and grab some bricks!


BRICKLIVE is the UK’s biggest celebration of LEGO®.

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