LEGO Bullring 4

A miniature model of Birmingham’s famous Bullring complex, made entirely out of LEGO pieces, has been rescued and restored ready to be shown at BRICKLIVE, the UK’s biggest LEGO celebration, held at The NEC, Birmingham from 27th to 30th October.


The model was created by professional LEGO builder Duncan Titmarsh in 2003, before he founded Bright Bricks, known for giant LEGO builds that are displayed all over the world. Duncan was commissioned by the Bullring to build the model to mark the LEGO store opening in the shopping centre.


When the LEGO store closed down, the model was put into storage and forgotten about until two of the centre’s cleaners, who happened to be Adult Fans of LEGO or AFOLs as they are more commonly known, found what was to them, hidden treasure. Seeing their delight, the structure was donated to the finders Nick Morrey and Antoni James.


Nick and Antoni had to split the model between two cars to get it home and once they got the building on an open surface, found it spanned four-and-a-half square metres, and according to creator Duncan features 60,000 LEGO bricks and took six weeks to build.


They began to tidy up some of the corners, strengthen the build, but have kept it as original as possible ready for it’s display in the Fan Zone at BRICKLIVE this October.


The LEGO model features the iconic Sefridges building with the silver discs, St Martin’s Church at the bottom of the steps, and the fountains which have since been developed further since the Bullring reopened in 2003.


BRICKLIVE show director Bev Channell said: “The Bullring model is an exceptional find so we’re very excited to have it at BRICKLIVE especially given that it will be revealed in Birmingham. Whether you are a local or not, its definitely going to be a highlight of our amazing Fan Zone this year.”


The Fan Zone will feature creations from around 70 ‘AFOLs’ from across the UK, three times the amount that appeared at the inaugural event in 2015.


There are also lots of opportunities for LEGO fans of all ages to get building in the BRICK Pits filled with over 3 million LEGO bricks and to contribute to LEGO mosaics and giant builds.


The BRICKLIVE stage will showcase new releases and developments in LEGO gaming, give a sneak preview of forthcoming LEGO sets, welcome special guests, and even test the building skills of fans of all ages in the popular BRICK OFF!


Visitors can also race their own LEGO car, take a dance class or create their own mini-figure. Plus, there’s BRICK Lane featuring vintage and rare LEGO sets along with accessories and collectables, as well as a Toys’R’Us superstore with all the latest LEGO set releases.

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