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Take Part


BRICK Over 16? Take part

From BRICKLIVE’s popular Fan Zone to our crew of Volunteers, we’re a show that celebrates community.
If you’d like to apply and take part to show off your LEGO® creations or to volunteer for BRICKLIVE, keep reading!

BRICK become a volunteer and Take Part

With thousands of visitors to keep entertained each day, we need a small army of volunteers to keep everything
running smoothly. We don’t ask for any special training or skills – if you love LEGO® and can keep smiling all day,
we’d love to hear from you!


BRICKLIVE’s volunteers are everywhere! You’ll find them welcoming guests to the show, repacking LEGO® bricks,
loading shipping containers, and more. Each of our volunteers gets a unique behind the scenes view of the show,
lunch each day they work, and 2 free admission tickets for each day worked.

Interested? Fill out the BRICKLIVE Volunteer Application Form and we’ll be in touch!

BRICK NEC Submit your Lego Creation

Are you an AFOL? Or have an amazing LEGO creation you want us to feature in our Fan Zone? Great! Get in touch and send a picture, and a description of you creation to